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One hot topic: The company igus advances the development of high-temperature filaments with self-built HT printer28/11/2018

"A good example of our Low Cost Automation concept," says Tom Krause, igus GmbH, about his team's newly designed and constructed high-temperature 3D printer Low Cost Automation in our own factory: Following this idea, igus has built an HT-3D printer for the development of new high-temperature filaments using in-house mechanical engineering components. Thus, complete linear systems, consisting of drylin W linear guides, dryspin lead screws made of stainless steel and the igus standard stepper motors were used. Thanks to the new 3D printer, users can now use a lubrication-free and maintenance-free filament for the production of heat-resistant special parts with the iglidur J350 high-performance plastic.

Wear-resistant sliding and free designing with new igus plate strips28/11/2018

Abrasion-resistant iglidur sliding plates made of high-performance plastics provide even more geometric design options Wear-resistant parts ordered quickly and easily and individually manufactured with increased service life. The motion plastics specialist igus offers this service, among other things, with its bar stock product range. To provide users with even more tribologically optimised special solutions, igus now offers five high-performance plastics resistant to wear and abrasion as bar stock plate strips in its product range. These provide the designer with new geometric design freedom.

Quickly assembled, securely fixed: New mounting clamps for e-chains on cobots21/11/2018

New clamp concept for triflex R energy chains ensures safe interaction between human and machine Safety plays a key role when humans and robots work hand in hand in the industry. That is why users of cobots and industrial robots are already using igus' multi-axis round triflex R e-chains for energy and data supply. To easily attach these energy chains and increase work safety in industry, igus has now developed new plastic mounting clamps. With quick installation, these minimise the risk of injury with their rounded edge design.

Fast drive for a small price: New igus cable for SEW and Siemens motors21/11/2018

New ready-to-connect highly flexible chainflex hybrid cable for e-chains now available with 36-month guarantee If the user is looking for a flexible drive cable, then igus offers the most cost-effective technical solution. For the motors of SEW and Siemens, the motion plastics specialist has now developed the CF280.UL.H, a new hybrid cable specifically for use in the energy chain. Users of intralogistics, machine tool construction or the automotive industry can now rely on a solution with a 36-month guarantee either bought by the metre or supplied as a ready-to-connect readycable.

Drive cable delivered fast after easy online search and order21/11/2018

The readycable product finder from igus with its newly integrated service life calculator ensures fast delivery starting from 24 hours Using the igus "readycable product finder" online tool, harnessed drive cables for use in the energy chain can be easily selected and ordered from igus. The newly integrated service life calculator now expands the service and predicts the lifetime of the cable. In this way, the user can choose their special design for energy chains, to the required length, from over 4,200 ready-to-connect drive cables.

Record-breaking application running for ten years with 100% reliability08/11/2018

Still a world record: The world's longest plastic energy chain with 615 m travel comes from igus Running continuously for 24/7 or standing idle for month on end – these are the extreme conditions that the world's longest plastic energy chain has to cope with at the lignite-fired power station in Tušimice, Czech Republic. The roller energy chain system from igus has been achieving this for ten years now without missing a beat on the record travel length of 615 metres.

Adjusted quickly – precisely mounted06/11/2018

igus as a module supplier for KHS labelling machines Numerous rotary and linear bearings from the igus product range are not the only ones installed in KHS GmbH's labelling machines. The company igus also supplies complete, ready-to-install modules such as, for example, adjustment systems and guide rollers. From the KHS's point of view, this not only simplifies assembly. It also ensures high precision high speed working sequences

Clean and quick guiding: New lightweight xiros guide rollers from igus31/10/2018

Guide rollers with plastic ball bearings and fully-enclosed design ensure hygiene and easy, tool-free installation

In the food and packaging industry, machine builders are increasingly turning to clean and hygienic plastic solutions. igus has developed complete solutions for film and label guide rollers, consisting of various tube materials and polymer ball bearings with flange. The lightweight systems are now available with a fully-enclosed side. In addition, installation of the new rollers is much easier than before.

Fast and reliable data exchange with new CAN bus cable from igus24/10/2018

New chainflex cable for CAN systems with PVC or PUR outer jacket, approved for the Russian market

Bus systems are increasingly being used in automation, as they ensure fast and reliable data exchange, save space and therefore money. To meet these needs, igus has developed a new CAN bus cable for highly dynamic energy chain applications, such as in machine tools. This is available with either highly abrasion-resistant PVC or oil-resistant PUR outer jackets. Both cable options have EAC and CTP approvals, simplifying trade with the Russian market.

Looking for spectacular solutions in plastic plain bearing applications23/10/2018

The manus award goes into the ninth anniversary – Apply now!

What do an exoskeleton, an electric manipulator arm and a research project on space junk have in common? Plastic plain bearings are used in all three applications and all were chosen as winning applications at the last manus award, which motion plastics specialist igus promotes every two years. Now the starting signal has been given for the application phase for the next edition. The winners will receive prize money of up to 5,000 euros.

Robotics solution for rapid prototyping wins Low Cost Robotics Innovation Competition22/10/2018

Jury awards Robert Hofmann GmbH for time-saving automation concept in 3D printing with robolink D robotic arm

Cost-effective automation of simple tasks is the aim of Low Cost Robotics. Once again this year, the Low Cost Robotics Innovation Competition was looking for exciting ideas and concepts that demonstrate the potential of cost-effective robotic solutions. The winner gets the award at the Motek: The company Robert Hofmann GmbH convinced the jury with its idea for an app-activated pick-and-place application in 3D printing.

Safely sealed up: iglidur sealing concept for longer service life17/10/2018

New seals for maintenance-free plain bearings from igus provide additional hygiene and protection against extreme dirt accumulation.

Heavy dirt, abrasive dust and aggressive media can, under extreme circumstances, stress plain bearings and damage the shaft. In order to further optimise the safety of machinery and plants in these cases, igus has now developed sealing rings for its lubrication-free polymer flanged bearings. Simply put on the flange, it protects the plain bearing and components behind them. In this way, machine downtime can be avoided and service life increased.

Fire-retardant polymer bar stock for railway technology from igus16/10/2018

Wear-resistant iglidur RW370 bar stock for maintenance-free special solutions in railway vehicles

Appropriate materials are needed to prevent fires in trains and trams. For exactly such cases, igus offers the special material iglidur RW370 not only in the form of plain bearings in its product range, but now also as a lubricant- and maintenance-free bar stock for the production of special solutions. This wear-resistant material complies with the fire protection standard EN 45545.

Fun on three wheels with maintenance-free igus plain bearings16/10/2018

iglidur G plain bearings in the Azub Ti-Fly recumbent bike ensure safe, long-lasting and lightweight front suspension

Recumbents, also known as trikes, promise their users maximum safety, even at low speeds. For the front suspension of a new trike model, the developers of the company Azub from the Czech Republic searched for wear-resistant plain bearings that withstand dirt, dust and water. Their solution: iglidur G bearings from igus. They are small, lightweight, lubrication-free and therefore maintenance-free.