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Rapid Tooling for injection moulding tool

print2mold: Abrasion-resistant injection moulded components

  • Up to 80% more cost-effective and 70% faster than conventional tool making
  • Uncomplicated manufacture of prototypes and small volumes made of series material
  • Free selection from 55 wear-resistant iglidur plastics
  • Maintenance-free components also for special properties such as conductivity, underwater use, KTW compliance, high temperature and so on.
  • print2mold: Simply have the calculations carried out online and then immediately order the required quantity or request a quotation
  • Competent advice regarding design and selection of material
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Do the calculations for injection moulded parts online and ask for a quotation

Your custom-made injection moulded parts in only 3 steps

3D printing upload

1. Submit an enquiry

Upload your CAD file in the 3D printing service or click on the link "Send enquiry for individual injection moulding tool" and fill in the form with some basic details.

Special bearings are made with the help of a 3D printed injection mould

2. We make your required component with a 3D printed injection mould

The production process at igus starts as soon as your order is received.

Injection moulded component from a 3D printing tool mould

3. You receive your product

Your required component is ready to ship and delivered quickly.

Rapid tooling

Fast injection moulded parts with Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling is the additive manufacture of injection moulding tools. Depending on the quantity and the material properties of the components needed , the injection moulding tool will be made of plastic or metal. The time-consuming design and planning of the the injection moulds are no longer necessary as CAD files of the injection moulded part that is needed are digitally converted into the digital equivalent of the mould in the print2mold service.  
The cost-intensive manufacture of a mechanically made injection moulding tool usually takes up to 6 weeks - This is often too long, too expensive and too time-consuming for the manufacture of prototypes and small series. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to fabricate individual injection moulded components quickly and economically as close-to-production prototypes or small series. In this way, different materials can be tested on functional prototypes directly in the application.

iglidur plastics: material selection

Material for Rapid Tooling injection moulded parts

Either compliant with requirements for use with food, conductive, resistant to chemicals or resistant to temperature fluctuations - large selection of abrasion-resistant and self-lubricating polymers.

Help for material selection

Special and drawing parts made of plastic

Individual injection moulded parts

You choose the design, the material and the quantity - further services for special parts, prototypes and series made of wear-resistant plastics.

More about special and drawing parts


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