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dryspin® lead screw drives
in vehicles
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Lead screw nut & lead screw from a single source

Lead screw drives in automotive industry

5 reasons why dryspin® technology should be used in cars

With the dryspin lead screw technology, it is easy to design individual lead screw nuts and lead screws exactly according to the wishes of the customer. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right lead screw drive and will ensure that deliver times are short. The wide choice of materials and complete absence of a need for lubrication or maintenance mean that the lead screw drives can be used in almost any area of the automotive industry. They are ideal for small installation spaces and operate almost silently even when the drive torque is low. Uncomplicated integration into your vehicle or assembly is also an aspect that speaks in favour of the cost-effective alternative to conventional lead screw drives made of metal. 


Lead screw drive, exterior

► Front spoiler
► Tailgate actuator
► Bus doors
► Rear spoiler
► Electronic boarding aid
► Park lock actuator
► Sliding doors
► Sliding roof
► Side door actuator
► Pressure accumulator for electronic braking power booster


Lead screw drive, interior

► Rear seat adjustment
► Steering column adjustment
► Seat adjustment systems
► Middle armrest
► Adjustable centre console


Products for the automotive industry

Lead screw nuts

Lead screw nuts

► In 7 different materials
► Wide variety of types and special designs        
► Save up to 50.9% of costs
► Completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free

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Lead screws

Lead screws

► In 5 different materials
► High helix, trapezoidal and metric lead screws
► Up to 30% longer service life
► High helix lead screw with extremely high efficiency

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Special designs

Special designs

► Special designs possible for every application
► Accessories for lead screw nuts and lead screws
Our experts will be happy to advise you in person

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Lead screw drives in automotive industry

Tech up

► Wear reduction by up to 25% 
Up to 30% longer service life and 82% greater efficiency
► Weight saving of up to 88%
► Completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free
► Also optimised for small installation spaces and low drive torques
► Quiet and vibration-free operation due to rounded tooth flanks

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Lead screw drives in automotive industry

Cost down

► Up to 50.9% more cost-effective than conventional lead screw drives
► Individual configuration of the lead screw nuts and lead screws
► Fast processes and short delivery times
► Advance tests in igus test laboratories
► Very easy installation and integration into existing systems
► Possible provision of unprocessed materials

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Customer solutions individually configurable online

With the dryspin® configurator and service life calculator

With the expert , you can quickly find the right lead screw drive for your application and will be informed of the foreseeable service life. Finally, order the parts or request further information from us.
The configurator enables engineers to quickly find the right lead screw and machine the pins from both sides. The application immediately generates a dimensioned drawing of your configuration for you and then enables an uncomplicated ordering process.

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The dryspin® technology

High efficiency and low wear

The patented dryspin high helix thread technology was developed by igus in 2015 and offers numerous advantages compared to conventional high helix threads. Due to the flat thread angle, it converts the exerted power efficiently into a translational movement. With properties and shapes matching the polymer nut and lead screw, dryspin thereby provides an even longer service life and more efficiency for high helix threads. The rounded tooth flank geometry reduces the contact area between lead screw and nut so that the lead screw drives operate under load almost silently and without vibration.
The larger spaces between the individual dryspin threads result in a higher share (factor 1.3) of tribologically optimised polymer in the threads. More wear-resistant material and higher levels of efficiency are crucial for a service life that is up to five times longer compared to conventional high helix threads.

More information on the dryspin® technology

Cost down

Tech up

25% less wear

Our lead screw technology convinces in the test laboratory

The evaluation of the wear test for the product with the dimensions 10x3 made of stainless steel showed that our dryspin® thread Ds10x3 can achieve a wear rate up to 25% lower, a service life up to 25% longer and greater efficiency compared to the competition and the trapezoidal thread Tr10x3 .

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30% longer service life

And 80% greater efficiency

The larger spaces between the individual dryspin threads result in a higher share (factor 1.3) of tribologically optimised polymer in the threads. More wear-resistant material and higher levels of efficiency are crucial for a service life that is up to five times longer compared to conventional high helix threads.

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100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free

Ideally suited for long-lasting applications

From the interior and exterior to the engine compartment, the absence of a need for lubrication or maintenance enables use of the product in almost all areas of the automotive industry.
By using the tribologically optimised, iglidur high-performance polymers, dust and dirt cannot stick to the lead screw drive. And in humid environments as well, the dryspin technology is one step ahead: It is completely corrosion-free and, thanks to the integrated solid lubricants, ensures smooth operation in the entire application.

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Weight savings of up to 88%

Low weight means energy efficiency

Weight saving is a major issue in almost all means of transport. Because less weight means less energy consumption, which in turn leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. And developers in the automotive industry in particular undoubtedly assign a lot of importance to the CO2 emissions.
Metal lead screw nuts are heavy dryspin lead screw nuts, on the other hand, offer the perfect alternative for many applications in the automotive industry. They are light, reliable and durable, and are ideal when low weight is a crucial factor. The dryspin lead screw nuts namely achieve a weight saving of up to 88%.

Reduce weight now

Ideal for small installation spaces as well

Problem-free operation at low drive torques

In many parts of vehicles, the installation spaces are very small and low drive torques are necessary. The installed lead screw drives should therefore be of a corresponding size in order to improve technical performance and reduce costs.
Our lead screws and lead screw nuts are available with a diameter of 3mm or more and are ideally suited for travels involving short strokes. Due to the absence of a need for lubrication or maintenance, our dryspin lead screw drives ensure long-lasting and uncomplicated system integration in small installation spaces.  

Do you have questions? Our experts will be happy to assist you

Cost down

Cost down

Save up to 50.9% of purchase costs

And improve technical performance at the same time

Cars and mobility are an important component of our society and economy. Depending on the use of the vehicle, it is always advantageous to keep down the purchase costs of certain components as long as the technical requirements continue to be met.  It is therefore our goal to find the most cost-effective solution that works.
A comparison of costs provides a convincing argument in favour of dryspin lead screw nuts. They stand out from their metal counterpart not only due to their technical advantages but also because of their acquisition costs, which are up to 50.9% lower.

Cost down with dryspin lead screw drives

Fast processes and short delivery times

Worldwide service

Our experts do everything to ensure that you receive your perfect solution within a very short time.  4,150 employees in Germany and 35 international subsidiaries and offices in more than 80 countries guarantee fast processes and speedy delivery all over the world. For prototypes and samples as well.

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Easy installation and system integration

For your assembly as well

We go one step further and not only design the perfect combination of lead screw nut and lead screw. We can also make sure that it can be integrated smoothly into your existing assembly. We therefore guarantee easy and rapid system integration.

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dryspin automotive brochure

The right brochure - download now!

dryspin® lead screw technology for the automotive industry

We have summarised all the information relevant to the topic of dryspin® lead screw drives in vehicles, and offer it as a download. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.
► Possible applications in vehicles
► Design of the dryspin® high helix thread technology
► Everything you need to know about lead screw nuts and lead screws
► Customised - from the request to volume production
► Test reports
► Free samples
► Your worldwide igus® contact people

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