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Beverage system from Drop Water Co

Description of application

  • Machine: DropWater automatic beverage machine
  • Branch of industry: vending machinery
  • Customer requirements:  safe and reliable energy supply
  • Solution from igus: harnessed readychain energy chain system
DropWater is a new sustainable beverage vending machine that fills biodegradable containers with customised beverages at the touch of a button. The water for the vending machine does not need to be transported as the machine is connected to a water source on site. 

Customer's problem:

A linear robot, which is supplied with energy and data, makes and dispenses the beverage. In spite of the use of an energy chain, there were cable failures in the prototypes. It was found that the cables rotated slowly during each cycle and the cables became twisted after >1,000 cycles.
Harnessing was another problem. In order to avoid having to continually buy, cut, modify and assemble every single component, the company needed a solution that saved installation time and costs.

igus solutions:

Thanks to an appropriate form of interior separation and the fully harnessed readychain e-chain system that was ordered, the automatic machine now functions perfectly. The company was therefore able to achieve a considerable saving with regard to installation time and costs.

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Automatic beverage machine
Automatic beverage machine