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THE alternative to PTFE trackless cables: stranded structure CFCLEAN with e-skin flat

Modular Cable change in a few minutes Cost-effective Sustainable

The flat cable guidance system e-skin flat, in combination with chainflex CFCLEAN, represents the consistent further development of the commercially available PTFE trackless cables for cable guidance in flat panel display (FPD) and semiconductor production, and in the production of OLEDs as well as in medical technology. The strengths of PTFE trackless cables have been further developed and the downsides of PTFE trackless cables have been improved with the new cable guidance system e-skin flat.

e-skin® flat cable guidance system

Further development through e-skin flat and CFCLEAN

  • Prototypes from stock
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Flexible to application changes through simple replacement of CFCLEAN or e-skin flat pods
  • Length and width can be changed as required
  • Resources-friendly and service-friendly due to easy interchangeability of each individual element

Ribbon cables

Disadvantages of trackless cables (ribbon cables)

  • Long prototype phase, due to complex manufacturing processes
  • High prototype costs
  • No longer flexibly changeable after completion
  • In case of service, the complete trackless cable must be replaced
  • Ecologically and economically unsound due to waste of resources in case of damage

System design in comparison

e-skin® flat cable guidance system

e-skin flat with stranded elements

  • Highly abrasion-resistant welded film to protect the stranded elements and minimise abrasion
  • No outer jacket in order to reduce weight and outer diameter
  • Extremely flexurally resistant braiding of copper wires with 90% optical coverage for maximum electromagnetic compatibility
  • Special TPE insulation for highly dynamic applications
  • Special strand structure for maximum service life

e-skin® flat cable guidance system

Trackless cables (ribbon cables)

  • Multi-layer jacket that holds individual stranded cores together:
    • Thin PTFE outer film
    • PUR inner layer
    • Thin PTFE outer film
  • An enclosed, non-separable system
  • Stranded cores are inseparable from each other
  • Individual elements not interchangeable, but entire systems

Quality: approved and tested

igus cleanroom laboratory for ISO class 1 components

Since 2003, in new developments of cleanroom products, igus® has been co-operating with the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA). The latest achievement of this collaboration: a cleanroom laboratory in Cologne.  CFCLEAN has already been thoroughly tested, with over 40 million cycles.

UL certification

36-month guarantee and UL verified

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience in our 3,800m² test laboratory and 700 experiments running in parallel.  igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables.

Further information

Energy chains for the cleanroom

Energy chains for cleanroom applications

Energy chains in a cleanroom environment have to be especially abrasion-resistant as airborne particles above the strict limits specified in standards are released and can contaminate the cleanroom.

Certifications and seals of approval

Certifications and seals of approval

Our products are tested and certified for quality. igus quality is confirmed

Further cleanroom products

Cleanroom products

Our cleanroom products are tested with the best possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1).


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