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drylin® E applications

Pick and Place

Pick & PlaceQuick and maintenance-free handling with drylin® toothed belt axes as a room portal (X, Y, Z axis).


Sampler/pipetteSpace-saving telescope adjustment due to compact and lubricant-free drylin® ZLW timing belt axis. (Sierra Sensors GmbH)

Camera adjustments

Camera adjustmentsA quiet, vibration- and lubrication-free operation is required in this camera adjustment on a conveyor belt using a drylin® ZLW toothed belt axis.

Adjustment inspection technology

Adjustment inspection technologydrylin® ZLW toothed belt drive in an inspection camera adjustment for checking the position of sealing rings. (OLPE Jena GmbH)

Sensor adjustment/Measuring systems

Sensor adjustment/Measuring systemsdrylin® ZLW-0630 toothed belt actuators in an X-Y configuration for adjusting a laser detector head. Compact, lightweight and maintenance-free due to polymer plain bearings.

Handling of small parts

Handling of small partsThe tough and lubrication-free structure of the ZLW and drylin® W profiles allows a long and maintenance-free life.