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Tough, maintenance-free and with a long service life

Manufacture of high-quality building materials

The term building materials is used to designate materials employed in the construction of houses or other buildings. From civil engineering to structural engineering: inorganic construction materials such as concrete or cement as well as organic building materials such as wood are indispensable for every construction project. The wide range of production processes employed in the construction sector makes it possible to use a great variety of building materials. In dry construction, for example, industrial bar stock are bundled and fixed using screws. In doing so, aqueous building materials such as clay or concrete are dispensed with. Specially developed high-performance plastics enable the use of igus e-chains in nearly all areas.
Moisture, dirt, swarf, heat, cold; we have the best possible solution for every requirement and in our materials we dispense completely with building materials such as steel and other metals. In heavy-duty areas, steel systems are increasingly being replaced by igus e-chains due to their greater suitability.

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The wide range of benefits provided by our plastics at a glance:

  • Cost-effective, modular design
  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures
  • Lightweight with high stability
  • Corrosion-free
  • TÜV tested

Long travels

Products for the manufacture of building materials

Energy chains for long travels and heavy duty purposes

This will take you to the online shops for the e-chain products for special heavy-duty application cases and those involving long travels.

Long travels and heavy duty

Selected applications of our customers

Tested for use in the real world

Insight into the e-chain system test laboratory:

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