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Opening and closing in one go for E4-series

Proved and tested tools from the igus factory are now available on sale for convenient opening and closing igus® e.chains®. Especially for e. chains® of the series E4. Especially for e.chains® with many crossbars the assembly is much easier.

Especially in areas diffi cult to access mounting is simplified

Big savings in assembly time

Overview opener for Chains

A = for the upper cross-bar width | 650 opening cross-bar
B = for the lower cross-bar width | 450 opening cross-bar
C = for the upper cross-bar width | 450 opening cross-bar
D = for the upper cross-bar width, both sides | 450 opening cross-bar

Order number   Opener for Chains  
MAT0051123   A  Inquiry
MAT0051122   B  Inquiry
MAT0051121   C  Inquiry
MAT0051124*   D  Inquiry
* without Cross bars

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