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Energy chain product overview

Preselection according to e-chain® type

Small loads

Small energy chains

Inner heights: 5 – 32mm

Medium-sized loads

Medium-sized energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 48mm

High loads

Large energy chains

Inner heights: 21 – 350mm

For robots

For robots

Inner diameter: 12 – 46.8mm

Protection against dirt and swarf

Protection against dirt and swarf

Inner heights: 21 – 75mm

Smooth running, cleanroom

Smooth running, cleanroom

Inner heights: 10 – 80mm

Long travels & heavy duty

Long travels & heavy duty

Inner heights: 32 – 80mm

Simple, static applications

Simple, static applications

Inner heights: 9 – 47mm

3D movements & non-robotics

3D movements, non-robotics

Inner heights: 13 – 75mm

Circular, rotary or spiral movement

Circular, rotary or spiral movements up to 7000°

Inner heights: 9 – 56mm

Corrugated tube and accessories

Corrugated tube and corrugated tube accessories

Corrugated tube: 28–40mm



Troughs, strain relief elements, PMA hoses

Energy chains for special solutions

Solutions for special applications can be found here:

  • For long distances without troughs
  • Systems for vertical movements
  • Alternatives for cable drums
  • And many other solutions

Order energy chain sample

Energy chain sample

Order a free sample to get the best possible impression.

Energy chain configurators

Energy chain configurators

Simply configure energy chains conveniently online or request an  individual project from an expert.

Recycling programme

Recycling programme

Ask igus to recycle your energy chains, irrespective of the manufacturer. How does it work?


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