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Chainfix strain relief blocks

The igus® strain relief block is a special strain relief for hoses

Modular, space-saving system

No damage to the hose

Combination of hoses and cables possible

Hose diameter 4.3 -14 mm

Easy to mount, without any screws and tools

On e-chains® - Variably adjustable filling

The module of the igus® strain relief blocks - Strain relief for hoses

The modules of the igus® strain relief blocks accommodate hoses of 4.3 to 14 mm; three 4.3 mm hoses can be inserted in module CFS 4.3 one upon the other, and two hoses on top of each other in module CFS 6, in one bay. The modules are 27.5 mm wide and inserted in the lower plate and subsequently screwed on with M4 counter-sunk screws. Module CFS 55.9 is the exception that offers a usage of five hoses of 9 mm each due to its double width. The lower and closing plates are available in widths from 75 to 240 mm. The height of the spacers and module is 16 mm, several layers are to be mounted on top of each other.

Chainfix strain relief block drawing

A = Closing plate
B = Gaps
C = Module in the grid dimension width 27.5 mm and height 16 mm
D = Lower plate


 [mm] [mm] 
CFS 4.34,34-1227,5 Enquiries
CFS 66,03-627,5 Enquiries
CFS 99,0227,5 Enquiries
CFS 55.99,0555,0 Enquiries
CFS 1010,0227,5 Enquiries
CFS 1414,0127,5 Enquiries
Base plate[mm] 
CFS U7575,0 Enquiries
CFS U102.5102,5 Enquiries
CFS U130130,0 Enquiries
CFS U185185,0 Enquiries
CFS U212212,0 Enquiries
CFS U240240,0 Enquiries
CFS U295295,0 Enquiries
Closing plate[mm] 
CFS P7575,0 Enquiries
CFS P102,5102,5 Enquiries
CFS P130130,0 Enquiries
CFS P185185,0 Enquiries
CFS P212212,0 Enquiries
CFS P240240,0 Enquiries
CFS PD295295,0 Enquiries
CFS D16,0 Enquiries