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drylin® W profile guide

Variety through modular building-block principle

14 rail profiles, 50 carriage versions

100% maintenance and lubrication-free

Corrosion-resistant and hygienic


Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity

Quiet operation

Up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball bearing guides

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Flexible solutions and great variety

The variety of potential uses of drylin® W profile rail guides arises from the large number of different components that can be combined with each other. Among other parts, 14 different profile rails and more than 50 carriage versions are available. Another benefit is that, in combination with other products from igus® GmbH, they make possible sophisticated solutions for technical designs. The individual components are combined following the principle of a modular system. The individual elements of this profile guide can be easily selected in the online shop.

The components of the drylin® W profile guide

Profile rails

drylin® W profile rail  

14 rail profiles

Lengths of up to 4000mm

As single or double rail
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Profile carriage

drylin® W profile carriage  

More than 50 carriage options

Carriage widths from 54mm to 195mm

Carriage lengths from 60mm to 250mm
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Linear housing

drylin® W linear housing  

Zinc die-casting, aluminium or stainless steel

Round or square design

Also with adjustable bearing clearance
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Why choose drylin® W profile guides?

Less installation time

Quicker assembly thanks to double rails instead of two single rails mounted in parallel

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Great variety of materials

For a large number of applications (e.g. automation, food industry, medical technology, pharmaceuticals industry)

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More ergonomics

Curved rails provide more design freedom, for example in workstations

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Smooth running

Carriage with hybrid roller bearings for smoother running

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With extremely light carbon rail material

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More variability

in design thanks to flexible distances with parallel single rails

Replace liners even more easily

Quick change – smart and time-saving

With the innovative WJ200UMA-01-AL pillow block from the drylin® W product range, it is possible to replace liners without any disassembly work being required.
The tool supplied makes it possible to exchange the liner within seconds. This saves valuable time and costs!

To WJ200UMA pillow block

Photo WJ200UMA  

Liners for a large number of applications

Cost-effective and maintenance-free

The plastic liners are cost-effective, maintenance and lubrication-free and can be deployed in a wide range of applications. The various materials offer versatile specifications to withstand various environmental conditions and influences.

  • For -100 to +250 °C (iglidur® X)
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • 100% lubrication-free
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple replacement

More about plain bearing liners

Photo of liners  

Selected application examples

drylin® W profile guides systems can be adapted to individual requirements and can therefore be used for a large number of different applications.

Quick, precise and clean labelling

drylin® W in KHS labelling machines

60,000 bottles per hour or 1,000 bottles per minute and just under 17 every second: this is the output of a typical KHS beverage filling and packing plant. Most of all, the machine components must be precise, hygienic and media resistant. Among others, the drylin® W system is used.

drylin® W profile rail in the labelling machine

Electric wheelchair

Maintenance-free profile guide in heavy-duty wheelchair

The products of Motion Solutions GmbH – electric wheelchairs and rehabilitation therapy systems – are all about the mobility of the people who use them. The products themselves are also extremely mobile – for example the active seating system for wheelchairs, which can be adjusted in various directions, or the heavy-duty wheelchair for people weighing up to 350 kg. drylin® W is also deployed here due to the tough design involved.  

drylin® W application in electric wheelchair

Movable touchscreen

More ergonomics at the workplace with drylin® W

This movable touchscreen system was developed for the quality control system in the company's factories. The touchscreen is mounted on a drylin® W profile rail system with a length of eight meters. In addition, the screen can be adjusted vertically over a distance of half a metre.

drylin® W profile rails in a movable touchscreen system

Easy operation of the mitre saw

Thanks to maintenance-free drylin® W profile rail

With its easy-to-operate mitre saw for insulation material, the Bader locksmithery in Kisslegg has opened up a new business area. Series production of this innovative tool is now beginning. A variety of maintenance-free bearings from the igus® range are used in the saw – including a drylin® W profile rail system for easy guidance of the saw blade.

drylin® W profile rail system in the mitre saw

More drylin® W application examples

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically refined and costs saved by the use of drylin® linear plain bearings.

Further drylin® W application examples

More on drylin® W profile rails

drylin® configurator  
Complete system configured in 5 steps

A customised profile guide for your application in only 5 steps.

dryspin® test laboratory  

More than 500 experiments per year in the 250 m² large test laboratory.

drylin w sample box  
The variety of drylin® W right on your desk

With its extensive modular system, drylin® W profile guides offer greatest product diversity. See for yourself the benefits of our drylin® W profile guides with our sample box.


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