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Energy chains for special environments

Special solutions for special requirements

igus energy chains are also advantageous when it comes to their use in demanding ambient conditions - whether cleanrooms, very dusty environments, hot chips or aggressive chemicals - for every challenge, there is a solution in the e-change range of products. Working with customers, we have developed and tested products and polymers and they have been used successfully for innovative applications. From completely sealed RX tubes, small-component low-noise, low-vibration energy supply systems to elastic e-skins for cleanrooms or energy supply systems made of highly developed materials for different flammability classes - here, you can find detailed information on solutions for special requirements.

Cleanroom solutions

Energy chains for cleanrooms

e-chains made of non-abrading special material

  • IPA-tested and confirmed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 
  • More than 9,000 energy chain series for cleanroom applications, in accordance with ISO Class 1 to 5 certification²

Energy chains for cleanrooms

Conductive ESD solutions

Energy chains made of ESD material

e-chains made of conductive special material

  • Avoidance of incendive electrostatic charging 
  • ESD material tested with more than 10 million cycles 
  • Conductive

ESD energy chains

Protection against dirt and swarf

Energy chain system for protection against dirt and chips

Encapsulated and dirt-resistant energy supply systems

  • Also effective against hot chips up to 850°C
  • Dust-proof openable tubes 

Energy supply systems with protection against chips

Noise-optimised solutions

Noise-optimised quiet energy chains

Quiet and low-vibration energy chains

  • Noise reduction due to "integrated brake"
  • Especially compartmentalised and vibration-free
  • Optionally with dampening

Noise-optimised energy chains

Solutions for use in chemicals

Chemically-resistant energy chains

Chemically-resistant energy chains

  • No corrosion thanks to special plastics
  • Resistance to numerous chemicals tested

Chemical resistance of energy chains

Solutions against hot chips and heat

Energy chains for extreme temperatures

Energy chains for extreme temperatures

  • Standard temperature range at -40°C to +130°C
  • Special HT energy chains withstand temperature up to 850°C
  • Calculable service life under extreme temperature conditions

Heat-resistant energy chains

Flammability classes of energy chains

Flammability classes of energy chains

Technical environment - igumid material

  • Tested and certified flammability classes
  • Variants with self-extinguishing properties possible
  • Flammability / UL 94 HB / UL 94 V-2 / UL 94 V-0

Flammability of energy chains

Energy chains for robots and movement along all axes

Energy chains for robots

Multidimensionally safe guidance

  • specially for complex multi-axis robot 
  • Energy supply systems for axes 1 to 7
  • appropriate cable range for torsion

Energy chains for robots

Find energy chains for use in special environments

Energy chain service life under extreme conditions

Service life calculator for energy chains

  • Easily calculate the service life of the energy  chain
  • The information given is based on tests in the company's own test laboratory
  • 36-month guarantee on all e-chains (as of 02/2020)

Service life calculation

Energy chains used in special environments

Whether dirt, chips, ESD, chemicals or extreme temperatures: igus offers a wide variety of solutions for special applications under special conditions. 

Energy chain sample box

Order a hands-on free sample for your special environment.

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More information on energy chains

chainflex® cables for motion

chainflex cables for motion

Fail-safe cables for energy chains

Test laboratory for igus® energy chains


Every year, 3,000 e-chain tests are performed in order to ensure that they can withstand the hardest of conditions.  

Online tools for igus® energy chains

Online tools

Overview of all online tools for energy chains.

Energy chain catalogue

The e-chain catalogue for direct downloading online!


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