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Over 80% lower requirement for space possible. It's our job.

If there is not much installation space available, modular e-chains and the matching cables for extremely small radii can be the first choice. Ask us for solutions for extremely small installation spaces.

Installation space

When space is sometimes restricted.

Over many years and in thousands of applications, the following characteristics
and savings in terms of the installation space for the energy supply system are especially important for our customers:

Achieve a 50% cable length saving

▲Tech up

Reduce cable lengths/steel construction and installation space

In a cable trolley system, the cables are attached at the end of the travel and the cable loops are pulled all the way by the trolley. An example shows how this leads to the following savings:
Cable trolley: 115m cable length
Energy chain 52m cable length 
Cable trolley: 3000mm system height
Energy chain: 800mm system height
In addition, approximately 10% less steel construction is needed for the cable station.

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▲Tech up 

Extremely small bend radii from 28mm so that less installation space is needed

e-chains of the E2.1 series are characterised by a long service life, very quiet operation and easy filling and assembly. The e-chains meet themselves to the requirements of the machine, not the other way round: You can choose the best energy chain or energy tube for safe and reliable cable guidance from over 850 different variants - also as a system consisting of chain, cables and connectors.



▲Tech up

Reduce installation space considerably

Depending on the travel/cable length, a motor cable drum has a diameter of up to 8 metres. In addition, space is required for the motor and the slip ring body. In the case of an energy chain system, irrespective of the travel, only one moving arm is required on the crane - which is integrated in the installation space of the crane - and the installation space for the trough of the chain on the ground.

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▲Tech up ▼Cost down

Highly cost-effective control cables with up to 20% smaller outer diameter

The cables were provided with thin TPE insulation, which reduced the outer diameter. Consequently, they can now be used in tighter spaces. Tested extensively as a matter of course in the chainflex laboratory and with the chainflex 36-month guarantee.
A customer using a CF5 (PVC control cable) can achieve significant savings by changing over to the CF880. Alternatively, he/she can reduce the installation space needed by 42% and achieve a considerable increase in service life by changing over to a CF98.  

Lower life-cycle costs significantly with the right cable
Noise emission


▲Tech up

Considerably reduced system height

With cable trolley systems, also known as festoon systems, the cables "hang" from the cranes, unprotected against wind and weather. The installation height of this festooning is often around 5 metres. In addition to the reduced system height, a lot of money can be saved on the required cable if e-chains are used.

How do I configure the most cost-effective energy chain
that can be relied on to do its job?


With our online configurators, you only have to complete a few steps to configure the perfect and most cost-effective energy chain that can be relied on to do its job. Calculation of the foreseeable service life of the energy chain and the chainflex cables.

What our customers say:

Messer Cutting System

"We have never had any problems with igus as a supplier", adds Maxwell Santos. The energy chains function without any failures or unscheduled downtimes.
Maxwell Santos | MESSER Cutting Systeme

Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS)

"Less maintenance expenditure, greater availability, the possibility of guiding all different cables and hoses in a single system, electronic pull/push force monitoring … all these benefits have fully convinced us of the advantages of igus products. I would choose igus energy chains time and time again!“
Fabian Wilhelm, Head of Electrical Energy Engineering | Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS)


"We are very satisfied with the quality and durability of igus products. Our requirements are almost always met with the standard range and, where or when ever needed, igus will make special parts. Last but not least, the price/performance ratio of the products is also very good"
ROBOWORKER purchasing department

Yes, plastic energy chains can be recycled

Energy chain recycling program

Have your energy chains
processed in the igus chainge recycling program no matter which manufacturer they came from
so that reusable granulate material can be obtained.
 How it works

Installation space

Small installation space? No problem. Ask our experts for a consultation.

Tech up, Cost down with energy chain systems