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Sewage sludge turner from Huber SE

Description of application

  • Machine: sewage sludge turner
  • Customer requirements:
    • Dependable supply of power and energy
    • Long travels
  • Solution from igus: 3500 series
HUBER's sewage sludge turner SOLSTICE uses solar drying technology that combines ecological with economic sustainability. Solar drying dewaters sticky sludge, reduces its mass and volume to about a quarter of the original levels and transforms it into a granular material. The plant can be used to treat water from the polluted Bahr-El-Baqar canal system and provide drinking water for 500,000 people.

Customer requirements:

In operation for 4,000 hours per year, the automated system in Bahr-El-Baqar processes a total of 475,000 metric tons of sludge annually. The project is therefore one of the biggest sludge drying projects in the world. Suitable energy supply systems were needed that could safely and reliably guide the equipment's cables over a long travel even in hot, humid and dirty conditions.

igus solutions:

For a dependable power and energy supply for the automatic plant, igus 3500 series energy chains with chainflex cables are used in a steel trough with a travel of 100 metres in 128 units.  

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Sewage sludge turner
Sewage sludge turner