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Multi-axis energy chain for robots - triflex® R

The multi-axis energy supply system triflex R was specially developed for sophisticated 6-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments. In comparison to a cable protection hose, the triflex R system offers various advantages in moving applications, such as multi-axis industrial robots, in machine tools or in material handling.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Defined minimum bend radius for safe cable and hose routing in moving applications
  • Also as a complete solution including  cables for the energy chain
  • High torsion resistance and defined torsion stop-dog
  • Modular design, can be easily lengthened and shortened
  • Option with fibre-rod
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy filling
  • Available from stock


Solutions on the robot

Products for 6-axis robots

Energy chains

Retraction systems of the axis 3-6

triflex RS system

  • Retraction system with fibre-rods
  • Can be used with TRE and TRC versions
  • Prevents loop formation on the robot arm
  • Adapter for all common robot models
  • Additional attachments possible using cover
  • Defined retraction force

triflex RS universal module

triflex RSP system

  • Retraction system with pneumatic cylinder
  • Can be used with TRC/TRE/TRCF
  • Sizes 60-125
  • Retraction force is adjustable
  • Retraction force is almost linear
  • For high retraction forces

triflex RSP - pneumatic retraction system

triflex RSE system with deflection

  • Retraction system with elastomer bands
  • Guide roller like that for the RSP
  • Can be used with TRC/TRE
  • For sizes 40/50
  • For small robots
  • Weighs only 1.8kg
  • Compact design

triflex RSE system - prevent loop formation

triflex RSE system linear

  • Retraction system with elastomer bands
  • Can be used for TRE, TRC and TRCF versions
  • Sizes 40-100
  • Cost-effective
  • Space-saving
  • Simple installation

Linear triflex RSE retraction system

Systems for the axis 1


  • External energy supply to axis 1
  • Rotation angle up to 540°
  • Modular guide trough system
  • e-chain® openable from both sides
  • 4 inner heights from 28mm to 56mm
  • Inner widths from 50mm to 200mm
  • Modular interior separation
  • For rotational speeds up to 4m/s
  • Can be configured for many robots

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Rotating energy supply - RBR

The standard for circular movements

  • Rotation angles up to 540° (on one level)
  • Rotation angles of of 900° and more possible
  • Maximum rotation angle in minimal installation space
  • Rotation speed of up to 360°/s
  • Lighter and more compact than static guide troughs
  • Minimum displacement forces and maximum service life
  • Modular construction with standardised mounting options
  • Integrated strain relief and cable routing directly in the guide trough

Rotating energy supply

Accessories for robots

COB brackets for energy chains and protective hoses

Cost-effective, flexible, fast installation

  • For various robots arm diameters, universal applications
  • Silicone-free  and thus suitable for the
    automotive industry
  • Compact, smooth design
  • Slim, lightweight construction

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Light mounting brackets

Standard for TRL version. Also compatible with TRC/TRE. Available with strain relief and as an intermediate bracket.

triflex R light mounting brackets

triflex R clamps - attachment to axis 6

Depending on robot design, with or without recess. Easy and fast assembly.

Attachment to axis 6

Further products

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Application examples of our customers

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Further information

triflex assembly on the robot

triflex - installation videos  


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