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Solutions for the wood industry

For chips, dust or dirt – safe solutions for moving applications in the woodworking industry

igus ® plastic solutions for moving applications help you to reduce installation, handling and throughput times. Time-consuming maintenance work can be minimised with dry running, chip-resistant solutions from a single source. Where there is dust and chips, the very tightly sealed igus® energy supplies ensure the safe and secure movement of cables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in woodworking machines or CNC processing centres. In addition, the dry running igus® linear guides, plain bearings and ball bearings are absolutely lubrication- and maintenance-free making them the first choice for the woodworking industry, as chips, dust and dirt do not settle on the bearings.
Your benefits at a glance:

Chip-proof, dust-tight and impervious to dirt

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Ready-to-install energy supply systems

Fast assembly

Minimise machine downtime

Woodworking industry sample box  

Order the woodworking industry sample box free of charge!

Test for yourself our energy supply systems and bearing technology for the woodworking industry; they improve the performance of your equipment and lower costs at the same time.

Products commonly used in woodworking machines

e-chains® E2

e-chain® E2  

Easy assembly

Tough – high strength

Quiet operation

Long service life of cables

e-chains® E4.1L

e-chain® E4.1L  

Tough, low-noise, modular

Fast assembly

Long travels possible

Long service life

Control cables

chainflex® control cables  

Fail-safe cables

36 month guarantee

Suitable for extreme ambient conditions

readychain® standard

readychain® standard  

Fast assembly

Reduce failures

No cable surplus

Plug & play

drylin® linear technology

Linear technology  

100% lubrication-free

Corrosion-resistant and hygienic


Extremely quiet operation

igubal® pillow block bearings

Pillow block bearing  

Lubrication and maintenance-free



Quiet operation

Application examples of our customers

Weeke Bohrsysteme  
Half the assembly time with readychain®

Weeke Bohrsysteme GmbH relies on pre-assembled readychain® systems in the manufacturing of their equipment. Thanks to the ready-to-install energy supplies equipped with harnessed cables, Weeke only needs half the time to assemble the energy tubes. This enables the company to lower its production costs whilst offering a long-life, low-maintenance product for its end customers.

HOMAG lathe  
Costs and time needed for maintenance reduced

This lathe made by HOMAG India processes wooden parts, which causes a large amount of wood chips and dust. The use of iglidur® plain bearings, which contain solid lubricant, means that the machine's bearings are low maintenance and do not have to be lubricated in any way. This cuts costs and saves service time as well as preventing wood chips and dust from sticking to the bearings.

Westphal woodworking machines  
Special solution with standard components

Special designs have two essential disadvantages: procurement of spare parts and high development costs. How these disadvantages can be avoided is demonstrated by Westphal Maschinenbau with an innovative energy supply consisting of standard components. The e-chain® carries an extraction hose piggyback which it takes, along with other cables, safely and securely over a travel distance of 16 metres.

SERRA sawmills  
Heat, cold, shocks, dirt? No problem.

SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH places great demands on its stationary sawmills. They must work flawlessly at all times, no matter how hot or cold it is. Furthermore, they must be easy to operate, maintain and service. This was successfully achieved by using polymer plain bearings. The bearings do not have to be lubricated, they are impervious to shocks, dirt and sawdust and they are extremely temperature-resistant.

Tested for tightness and service life

Leak test in a chip drum


Endurance tests of moving cables


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