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50 years of igus® – 50 years motion plastics®

High-performance plastics for a light and lubricant-free future!

What started in 1964 with an injection moulding machine in a Cologne backyard, has 50 years later long since developed into a specialist for motion plastics® with a global footprint. Today, igus® is the world-market leader for plain bearings and energy chains made from tribo-optimised plastics, operating its own branch offices in 35 countries.

The Blase family in front of the garage where the igus® story began

Current view of the flexible igus® factory, Cologne

The flexible igus® factory in Cologne - by Nicholas Grimshaw


iglidur® on Tour

igus® demonstrates the performance capabilities of tribo-optimised plastics with its "iglidur® on tour" trip around the world. A compact car with 56 plain bearings on board is stepping up to the challenge and shows customers world-wide the options with motion plastics®…

iglidur® on Tour: A compact car with 56 iglidur® plain bearings is going on a grand tour  

114 novelties presented during the anniversary year

During its anniversary year, igus® again demonstrates its innovation capabilities. With the world's first tribo filament for 3D printers, the particularly affordable and flexible robot robolink® D, or the readychain® speed clip-on chain…

Novelty tour with Artur Peplinski, Head of International Group Development & Marketing



vector award

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation The vector award would like to distinguish daring applications in energy supply. These can be implemented with versatile energy chains and cables.

manus® award

The competition recognises bold applications with plastic plain bearings that stand out based on their technical and economic efficiency and creativity. manus® symbolizes the courage and drive to explore new ways in bearing technology.


50 years of igus® / 43 years of e-chains®

the-chain ... moving energy made easy - 50 years of igus® / 43 years of e-chains®.

50 years of igus® / 43 years of e-chains®    

50 years of igus® / 30 years of iglidur®

From the simple plastic bearing to high-tech machine element - 50 years of igus® / 30 years of iglidur®.

50 years of igus® / 30 years of iglidur®    

50 years of igus® in social media