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drylin® SHT linear systems with lead screw drive

Configurable online & fast delivery

The linear systems of the drylin® SHT series can be moved lubrication-free, while also offering high precision and robust components. The linear module with lead screw drive is individually configurable with different shaft and lead screw materials, carriage lengths and additional functions. In addition to manual operation, drylin E lead screw stepper motors enable motorised drive of the linear axes.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Freely selectable stroke lengths
  • High temperature version available
  • Optional multi-carriage system configurable
  • Optional right/left opposite drive configurable

drylin SHT linear system with lead screw drive

SHT - Standard series

  • Three installation sizes available
  • Various materials for shaft and lead screw
  • Optional FDA-compliant with rust-free stainless steel

Buy drylin SHT standard linear system
Lead screw linear system and pretension

SHT-PL - Preload version

  • With preloaded trapezoidal lead screw nut (50N)
  • Manually and continuously adjustable radial clearance
  • Lightweight due to aluminium and polymer

Buy drylin SHT-PL linear system
Flexible drylin SHTC lead screw linear module

SHTC - flexible linear module

  • Design flexibility due to short carriages
  • ideal for 2 carriage system
  • 5 installation sizes available

Buy drylin SHTC linear system
Lead screw linear system with high helix drive for high speeds

SHTS - For high speeds

  • With high helix lead screw
  • High-speed solution for fast positioning
  • Up to 100mm stroke/rotation

Buy drylin SHTS linear system
drylin SHT-BB linear module with ball-bearing mounted lead screw drive

SHT-BB - High speeds & precision

  • Higher rotation speed and rotation precision
  • Belt drive permits radial loads
  • Constant drive torque

Buy drylin SHT-BB linear system
Linear system with lead screw drive for horizontal applications

SHT-FF - For horizontal applications

  • With quick-release mechanism
  • Precise and fast positioning
  • Including self-locking brake

Buy drylin SHT-FF linear system
FDA-compliant linear system with lead screw drive made of stainless steel

SHT - Hygienic design

  • FDA-compliant
  • For washdown
  • Wide gaps

Buy drylin SHTC-HYD linear system
Small linear module with lead screw drive

SHTP Miniature version

  • Very lightweight
  • Very cost-effective
  • Corrosion-resistant

Buy drylin SHTP Mini linear system
drylin SHT XY-table XY linear system with lead screw drive

SHT XY-tables

  • As standard or preload version
  • High precision & extreme stiffness
  • Accurate alignment through CNC manufacturing

Buy drylin SHT XY-table

Configure custom lead screw linear system online

  • Get to the custom SHT lead screw linear system in just a few steps
  • Optional configuration of an individual drive pin
  • Automatic generation of a 3D model of the linear system
  • Export of the linear system in many different 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D dimensional drawing of the module as a PDF
  • Complete parts list available as PDF download
  • And many more

Configure the SHT lead screw linear system
Configure drylin SHT lead screw linear tables from igus online

Lead screw stepper motors drylin E

For a motorised lead screw drive of the linear system, igus offers powerful lead screw stepper motors. The motors are offered in three sizes: NEMA11, NEMA17 and NEMA23. The combination with a dryspin lead screw guarantees precise centring and a long service life of the entire linear unit.

  • 3 installation sizes with or without strand
  • Available ready to connect
  • With or without encoder

More about lead screw stepper motors
drylin E lead screw stepper motors

Application examples with drylin SHT lead screw linear systems


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