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Reduce assembly time by up to 88%.  It's our job.

Determine your individual savings potential and the optimum solution for quick assembly now.

Reduce assembly time

Reduce assembly time with energy chain systems

Machines must work reliably and without problems.  If there are unplanned down times, it is important that
servicing is done quickly. These solutions make assembly easy for you,  reducing assembly time by up to 88 % .


▼Cost down

Energy chains that are quick to open:
E4Q reduces assembly time by 40%

The crossbars or lids of the E4Q/R4Q allow the e-chain or e-tube to be opened and closed without any tools at all. Filling takes considerably less time.  40% less assembly and installation time  than with the E4.1 system.


▼Cost down

Instead of a busbar system
autoglide 5 reduces assembly time by 88%

autoglide 5, the new energy supply, is fed with a rope. The metal rope included in delivery – or, alternatively, a plastic rope – is stretched across the floor. Assembly time is up to 88% faster than conventional trough solutions – put another way, a 80m-travel is assembled in a single hour.


▼Cost down

Assembly tools for more time savings

We offer you various tools to simplify opening and closing our e-chains. Our chain openers for the E2/000 series enable you to open a one-metre e-chain within two seconds (it took 33 seconds previously).  

Save even more assembly time – with pre-assembled systems

No company has to deal with assembling energy chains and cables for their machines any more. Our harnessed
cables and pre-assembled energy supply systems can be installed on site quickly and easily.


▼Cost down

readycables optimise the procurement process and reduce assembly times

Ready-to-connect igus readycable cables optimise the procurement process, streamline internal logistics, and reduce assembly times. All readycables are entirely harnessed to fit the individual specifications of the application. If you provide us with your required length, we will adjust the cables to within a centimetre, accelerating on-site connection to the machine.

▼Cost down

Use pluggable e-chains  to reduce assembly time by 80%

The modular Module Connect interface concept allows a number of cables to be connected to a single disconnection/plug-in point on the machine and can be adjusted to the design and filling of the e-chain.  
The adapter also combines the energy supply and the Module Connect to form an interconnected system. This makes it even easier and quicker to connect the energy supply to the application.

▼Cost down

Harnessed energy supply systems: readychain

Ready-to-connect readychain modules minimise assembly effort.
Four different types of readychain system are available upon request. From Basic to Standard to Standard Plus to Premium (including transport and assembly rack), variants can save assembly time and reduce machine downtimes.

Turnkey energy supply systems

We will also perform on-site assembly of your energy chain system. Regardless of whether you need only
assembly instructions, assembly support, an igus supervisor, or an entire assembly team, we have your solution ready to go.


Work steps cut out for significantly greater productivity

Normally, machine tool manufacturers try to avoid situations where too many different work steps have to be carried out on a system at the same time. A lot of manual work done by different employees does not necessarily enhance efficiency; on the contrary, it increases the probability that errors can occur. By using igus readychains, all four e-chains from igus can be fully installed in half a day. Previously, two employees took one and half weeks for the work on the X axis of an AERO system and a further week for the energy supply of the Y and Z axes. In this way, Hartford is able to cut out some work steps, reduce process cost and, at the same time, greatly improve productivity.

What our customers say:


"The readychain's biggest advantage – but not its only advantage – is, for us, the time saved during installation. This shortens throughputs in production. “

Friedrich Vollmer Feinmessgerätebau GmbH


"Since 2012, we have for economic reasons been using only pre-assembled systems, which only have to be installed at the construction site. "



"The big advantage for us was that when the igus® readychain arrived and was installed, the issue was solved. Otherwise, we would certainly have had another day or two of cabling work." “
SEMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Reduce assembly time

Now save installation time

Determine your individual savings potential and the optimum solution for quick assembly now.

Tech up, Cost down with energy chain systems