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CFV strain relief elements

Strain relief element outside of the chain cross section

Relieve cable strain easily, even for enclosed tubes

Stepwise strain relief - good accessibility for the subsequent strain relief of several cables

Matching for e-chains® and e-tubes

Trouble-free retrofit assembly possible

Simple installation into top-hat rails and C-profile of the KMA mounting brackets

Fits into energy chains and energy-tubes. Strain relief element outside of the chain cross-section


Stepwise strain relief without space issues - even with different connectors


*KMA = Plastic Metal Mounting Bracket


Easily clipped into the C-profile or top-hat rail from above - also conceivable for static applications in control panels, etc.

Part No.:
Ordering number for use for inner height
hi [mm]
suitable for e-chains®    
 CFV.31.N15 on top hat rail 31 E4.31L/R4.31L Upon request 
 CFV.42.C KMA with C-profile 35-48 2600/2700/2650/2680
Upon request 
 CFV.80.C KMA with C-profile 56-80 E4.56/H4.56/R4.56
Upon request 
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Assembly instructions - CFV strain relief elements