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Modern applications for the machine tool industry for low vibration and cleanroom compatible applications

E6 energy chain system – the 6-piece energy chain

The energy chain system E6 is especially well-suited for the use in machine tools, when it is important to reduce vibrations or comply with cleanroom requirements. The E6 is characterised by its strength, smooth operation, quiet and low-vibration running and cleanroom compatibility. In addition, it can handle high speed and acceleration. The moving cables can be additionally protected with lids, so that grinding residues do not affect the energy supply of CNC machines. With this energy chain, inner heights of 29-80mm are possible.
If your application has the above-mentioned requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Vibration reducing

The special structure of the chain link and the small division grant an extremely quiet and low-vibration operation of the chain.

Multi-spindle machining center

In this application, a two-spindle horizontal machining center was equipped with particularly silent and low-vibration energy supply systems.

CNC grinding machine

Incidental grinding residues and the used oil cannot influence the energy supply systems.

Cutting tool

The igus® e-chain® E6 demonstrates its strengths inthe case of this cutting tool.


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