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Examples for successful applications in the machine tools sector

Special energy supply system solutions for machine tools

Use of energy chains in machine tools for special application types

Other interesting applications at a glance

energy chains for microassembly

Extreme demands on availability and durability

3D plasma cutting heads

Having the ability to move in all directions, 3D energy chains permit axes to swivel continuously.

Machining centre

The highest possible flexibility when milling and drilling in a single step.

Tooling machine

Chip protection in tight work spaces in a machine tool.

Combination machines

The manufacturer relies on the very thick RX-tube for supply so that the performance data of the universal machine for milling and drilling remains correct in the long run.

energy chains for long travels

This horizontal turning machine is equipped with the new energy chains solution Guidelok for long, unsupported travels in the chip area.

CNC machining center

High-temperature energy tubes for CNC machining centers withstand high temperatures and defy the ubiquitous flying chips.

CNC-Machining centre

Lightweight, robust and do not require polymer bearings are installed in machine tools and machining centres across a large range of industries.

Machining center

The focus here was on protecting the cables from dirt, chips and coolants during fast movements.

Gantry machine tool

This gantry machine tool can be moved over 19 metres.

Multi-spindle machining center

In this application, a two-spindle horizontal machining center was equipped with particularly silent and low-vibration energy supply systems.

Machining center

Top condition even after 9 years - Preassembled energy supply systems for precision machines working under tough environmental conditions

CNC grinding machine

Incidental grinding residues and the used oil cannot influence the energy supply systems.

Gear-grinding machine

This application showed that a vertical stroke of more than one metre and a swivellingrange of 270° can be implemented in the limited installation space of the grinding headin a gear-grinding machine.

Cutting tool

The igus® e-chain® E6 demonstrates its strengths inthe case of this cutting tool.

Machine tools

The modules are made of a cable-preserving plastic with high frictional resistance.

Laser cutting machines

With readychain energy supply systems, the customer receives all components from a single source and everything is ready to install.

Streetcar switches

The applied material repels chips with temperatures up to 850° C without leaving a trace.

Special machine construction

For this milling machine only energy chains were considered that could satisfy the complex requirements occasioned by the high feed rates and the bend radii.

Applications with readychain®

readychain® in various industries and applications

Machine tool manufacture

Plastic plain bearings in application in machine tool manufacture at Deckel Maho Gildemeister.


E4/light in various industries and applications

Standing installation

High accelerations also possible in "standing" installation.

Vibration reducing

The special structure of the chain link and the small division grant an extremely quiet and low-vibration operation of the chain.

Conveyor chain

Application of drylin® W for the guidance of a conveyor chain for goods.

Filling-shoe mechanism in a compaction unit

Application of drylin® R linear plain bearings for a filling shoe mechanism of a compaction unit.

Positioning of milling heads

The positioning of milling heads is done with drylin® SHT linear slide table in this plant which manufactures aluminum window frames.

Grinding machine

Application of drylin® T for adjustment of the pressing roller and the compensation of the imbalance of the grinding tools.

Parting-off grinder

Application of drylin® R for the guidance of the cutting table

Electrical actuator

For extremely varied format adjustments: drylin® SHT spindle lift table.

Toothed belt unit with guide system

The toothed belt unit with the drylin® N guide system is suited for highly dynamic applications.

Door guide of machine tools

Smooth and silent operation due to drylin® in the doors of the machine tool.

Machine tool door

Affordable and dirt-resistant door guide in a machine tool.

Tool changer chain

The enormous cost advantages compared to standard commercial metallic rolled bushings as well as an extreme resistance to wear distinguish iglidur® D.

Mounting station

The pivoting and linear feed movement is implemented by means of drylin® linear guides and igubal® spherical bearing components.

Concrete pipe cutter

Concrete cutting machine in extremely heavy-duty operation since three years free of maintenance.

Chain magazines

With the better material we also save around 60 percent in costs.

Milling machine

Another great project with five students is under way at the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb), Technical University of Munich.

More examples

Easy triflex®

Tool presetting with DMG's AIRMATRIX

E6 system

Horizontal and standing installation on the portal robot reduces noise level and vibrations. Large unsupported length for quick movements.

E2 system

E2 tubes in an area with hot chips in a machine tool. Chip-repellant up to 850° C.

triflex® R

triflex® R in the workroom of a machine tool.

Super-aluminum trough

For safe guidance: E-Tube with over 20 m travel in machine tool.

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