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drylin® SAW  

igus® drylin® SAW linear units perform convincingly compared to a competitor's product

In its in-house test laboratory, the Cologne motion plastics® specialist compared its cost-effective and completely lubrication-free drylin® SAW linear units with a competitor's product in a test of wear and functional performance. The nut of the competitor's rail broke after only 8,040 cycles. The drylin® SAW unit, in contrast, continued functioning perfectly even after more than 90,000 cycles at four times the speed.

Test parameter Competition igus®
Strokes 125 mm 130 mm
Axial load 50 N From 25 N to 150 N
Speed 50 rpm 400 rpm (50 % ED)
Test run 8,040 cycles > 90.000
Testing distance 2 km 23 km
Test result Failed Still functions


drylin® SAW - linear axis

drylin® SAW - linear axis in three sizes

drylin® SAW - linear axis