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plane-chain – fail-safe compact solution for gantry applications and machine tools

For maximum fail-safety in applications with high speeds and cycle rates, such as gantries. In the new kind of trough system, e-chains are guided safely in a side-mounted position. The special trough contours guide the chains safely in a deepened channel. The use of stainless-steel troughs with a low friction factor and a plastic layer of insulation fitted on the outside lead to a long service life and low-noise operation. The complete system can be enclosed securely with a cover. The design also ensures a low installation height for space-saving use on gantries.
In addition to the application potential of the plane-chain for automation, the new concept in enclosed form is also suitable for the energy supply on cranes. Here, cables and e-chains within the corrosion-free troughs are protected from severe damage caused by wind and weather.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Very compact structure
  • Fail-safe and maintenance-free
  • Fully protected by enclosure
  • For high speeds
  • Optional insulation for additional noise reduction

Typical application areas: gantries, machine tools, cranes

Compact design

plane-chain compact design

All e-chains® from the E6 modular system can be used
30 - 600mm height
180 - 1,200mm width

High speeds

Plane-chain speeds

Travel speed of up to 8m/s possible

Long travels

plane-chain long travels

plane-chain for long travels up to 50m

Quiet operation

plane-chain quiet operation

Noise-optimised, very quiet operation and low vibration

Further information

plane-chain brochure

Energy chain system plane-chain

Automation for long distances ... compact and reliable